Fujisankei Communications International, Inc. (FCI)

Company Name Fujisankei Communications International, Inc.
Established October, 1986
Head Office 150 East 52nd Street 34th Floor
New York, NY 10022 212-753-8100
Representative Aota, Katsuyoshi: Director, President and Chief Operating Officer
Introducing Our Core Businesses
  1. To report and disseminate information on behalf of Fuji Network News (FNN) and affiliated stations; to report and disseminate information on
    behalf of Sankei Shimbun Newspaper and provide management support; to serve as overseas headquarters of Fuji TV by conducting research, disseminating information, providing consulting services, and performing other support functions.
  2. Editing, sales, and broadcast management services related to our Japanese news and information program; program production, sales, and brokerage services; provide coordination services to our group entities.
Stockholder Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.
Number of Employees 78
Established in 1986, Fujisankei Communications International, Inc (FCI) along with the rest of the Fujisankei Group entities strives to serve as a global bridge between Japan and rest of the world.

To Japan・・・

Headquartered in New York with operations in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Cairo, FCI disseminates world news as well as news topics covering politics, economy, and culture to Fuji TV, Sankei Shimbun Newspaper, and other group entities.

・・・And the World

FCI delivers Japanese news and information program contents via cable and satellite television to approximately 650,000 Japanese nationals living in the United States and Europe.

Many Japanese viewers within the broadcast area tune into FCI program to stay current on news from Japan and around the world, as well as catching up on the latest trends from the United States. Many organizations in wide range of industries view FCI as a strategic marketing partner, as travel agencies, communications, automotive, real estate, employment agencies, hospitals, and restaurants use FCI's commercials to reach their target audiences.

FCI also provides public relations and marketing support for organizations through creation of promotional videos and event production, taking full advantage of the technical capabilities.

FCI is a member of Fujisankei Communications Group

FUJISANKEI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (FCG) is Japan's largest media conglomerate consisting of 84 companies, 4 corporations, 3 museums and 16,000 employees.

At FCG, our extensive range of business in industries such as television, newspaper, radio, publishing, film, music, soft packaging, online sales and real estate have been highly acclaimed for their achievements over the years. In addition, we endeavor in cultural enterprise such as The Hakone Open Air museum,The Utsukushi-ga-hara Open-Air Museum , and The Ueno Royal Museum. Often referred to as the "Nobel Prize for the Arts" by media within and outside of the country, the "Praemium Imperiale" is one of our most profound projects organized by the Japan Art Association.

Fuji Media Holdings

The Fuji Media Holdings Group comprises three business segments centered on the broadcasting business: "Media & Content", "Urban Development, Hotels & Resorts", and "Other".

The scope of operations also includes a broad range of businesses conducted in collaboration with companies of the Fujisankei Communications Group and other affiliated companies, as well as a social contribution program for culture and art.


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