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SHISEIDO Benefique Launch Party in NYC w/ Yuri Ebihara! エビちゃん♡

Last month, I was invited to SHISEIDO's new skin care line, BENEFIQUE's Launch Party in New York City. As you may know from my past videos, SHISEIDO is my No.1 favorite makeup and skin care brand and first ever brand I used because my mother loves SHISEIDO as well. I got to meet the SHISEIDO staff, speak with beauty specialists, as well as top model Yuri Ebihara, also known as Ebi-chan! There is literally no person in Japan who doesn't know who she is, but she was the most friendly and gorgeous person ever! I realized I've never done a follow-me-around type of vlog before and thought this was the perfect beauty-related event, so I filmed so you can all come along with me! Click the blue title link or photo below to watch the full video!



キラキラりぼん SHISEIDO Benefique Launch Party in NYC with Yuri Ebihara りぼんキラキラ
(click photo below to watch)

Thumbnail image for _MG_4253 copy.jpgWith the gorgeous top model, Yuri Ebihara a.k.a. Ebi-chan!
エビちゃんと2ショットshine 吸い込まれるかと思うくらい美しかったです

IMG_7274 copy.jpgThe Benefique line launched in the U.S. market this month! Here they are, along with the incredible Manhattan night view, including the Empire State Building. The party was held at a penthouse in Soho.

今月からアメリカでもlaunchされた 『ベネフィーク』♡




There were many photographers/press at the event. I was so focused on filming for my vlog that I didn't notice I was photographed photographing from behind. lol

_VH_0733.jpgThe SHISEIDO staff highly recommends the "mineral gommage mask" to treat and repair the skin. If you purchase something at their counter, they will give you a sample! The other day, I bought a refill of a foundation from them I've been using for years, and they gave me a sample of it without asking. 

You may have the image that SHISEIDO is an expensive brand and the Gommage Mask is $36, but if you're only going to use it about once a week and you only need a really tiny amount each time, it will last a long time so it's actually not that expensive. If you take good care of your skin, you will need less makeup to cover up. Having healthy skin will make you look bright and youthful (I mean look at Ebi-chan, she does not look 33 whatsoever! ><), so I recommend spending a few more dollars on skin care treatment if you can.

_VH_0964 copy.jpgEbi-chan was a doll in real life. I've always heard how friendly and "normal" of a person she is even though she is the most well-known model in Japan, and it was true. We talked for a while, and she was so sweet. Thank you so much Ebi-chan! You are my inspiration. :)



At the end of the event, SHISEIDO kindly gave all attendees a gift bag of Benefique products.
I haven't tried all of them yet, but I did try a few and am loving them so far!



Here, I am demonstrating how Ebi-chan uses the Emulsion by Benefique. She recommends putting a generous amount on a cotton pad to apply on the face and leaving it there for 15~20 minutes like a facial mask. The interesting thing is, she told me that she likes doing this in the morning. She says it moisturizes her skin and tighten the pores, and is a must-have before photoshoots or filming because it really changes the way her makeup goes on. I tried it out after hearing that, and the effectiveness is amazing! It doesn't feel sticky at all, but makes your skin fresh and bouncy. I applied my makeup as usual afterwards, and I could notice the difference in how the way the foundation went on and lasted. This is definitely a new must-have for me for the upcoming Spring/Summer season!

Out of the collection, I have also been using the Night Cream every day (for about 2 weeks now). If you remember in my one of my past skin care routine videos, I was using the White Lucent cream, but this definitely tops that for me. First of all, the entire Benefique line's scent is A-MAZING. It reminds me of a relaxing, onsen bath type of scent! (Maybe because it's organic?) It just makes me feel really happy and healthy. :) The moisturization is wonderful, and the word "dewy" matches perfectly. 
Benefique's products are gentle, effective, and high quality, so if you are looking to try out a new skin care line, visit a SHISEIDO counter and see if you can find the perfect product for you. They also have a website, so if you are interested in the collection you can check it out HERE!

Once again, thank you very much to all the staff and Ebi-chan for this wonderful opportunity and experience! 
Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and I would love to help you out as much as I can. Happy Skin Care!<3

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