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Kawaii Bento #6: California Roll Bento + NEW YouTube Video! Secret to Clear Skin in 1 Week (3min DIY)

**UPDATE** (8/31/13)
NEW YouTube Channel Video!

リンク Secret to Clear Skin in 1 Week! 3min At-Home DIY♡ リンク

In the Summer, your skin gets most damaged by harsh UV rays, inner dryness due to moisturizing less, sudden temperature changes from humidity to an A/C room, etc. so it's important that you pay more attention to your skin during this time of the year. In the first of this video, I shared some of my favorite facial massages (acupuncture a.k.a. acupressure massages) to repair and get clear skin! They are great to do both morning and night when your skin feels not-so-great, or when you want to look awake and refreshed in a matter of minutes.

Then, the second part shows you how to make my original DIY Healthy Skin Strawberry Smoothie! I talked about ALL the details regarding the health and beauty benefits in the video, but the reason why I began taking in Greek yogurt into my daily diet is because doctors highly recommended it. Like I've mentioned in past videos, skin care and body care isn't just about applying products from the outside- whether it's inexpensive or high-end. You have to have a healthy diet because that's what shows up on your skin. We all (including me of course!) have those bleh skin days. I drink this smoothie almost every morning after a glass of water, and it greatly helps in making my skin feel a lot bouncier and glowy from within. In addition, this smoothie includes a TON of protein as well which actually helps to make you feel full and satisfied, so it'll be perfect for those of you who cannot eat as much for breakfast. I hope that you find/found this video helpful, and definitely try out the recipe! Also, don't forget to check out my new Kawaii Bento right below that aired on TV a few days ago! :) xoxo

リンク Kawaii Bento #6: California Roll Bento! リンク

augustbentothumb-thumb-640x426-7424 copy.jpgHi everyone! Here is my FCI television director series, "Kawaii Bento" episode for this month! This time, I'm going to be making California Rolls, one of the most popular types of sushi rolls in America. It's very common to order sushi at restaurants, but not many people make their own at home. As long as you have the ingredients/tools, sushi rolls are actually very simple and easy to make! Once you memorize the steps, you can create all kinds of rolls easily just by changing what you put inside. It's a must watch if you love sushi and perfect for bentos, parties, and events since it's very presentable and delicious! If you missed the TV airing, you can watch the full video by clicking HERE or the photo above! :)

今回の「Kawaii Bento」は、アメリカ生まれのカリフォルニアロール!!

Please adjust according to your own taste:
Rice (3 cups) & Seaweed a.k.a. "nori" in Japanese (1/2 cut)
Crab or imitation crab stick (1), sliced avocado (1/4) & Japanese cucumbers (1/4)
Seasonings: Sushi vinegar (2 teaspoons), mayonnaise (1 teaspoon), sesame seed (1 teaspoon)

If you replace the imitation crab stick and mayonnaise with eel and eel sauce, it will become an Eel Roll. If you place all kinds of sashimi on top of the California Roll, it will become a Rainbow Roll! Finally, if you place thin avocado slices on top of the Eel Roll, you can make a Dragon Roll!! It's super easy and a lot of fun, so definitely try making your own original roll by using your favorite sashimi! Happy Cooking!! :)


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August 25, 2013 5:38 PM

Giveaway! + My Skincare Tips & Drugstore Foundation Routine

リンク My Skincare Tips & Drugstore Foundation Routine + Giveaway! リンク
私のスキンケア、ドラッグストア ファンデーション・ルティーン、30,000人登録者突破記念プレゼント
(Click photo below to watch video)


Thank you for 30,000 Subscribers in 10 months!!
☆ 10ヶ月で私の新しいYouTubeチャンネルが登録者数3万人を突破しました!ありがとうございます ☆


NIVEA A Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care SPF 10
Undereye Essence Roller
Rimmel Match Perfection with SPF 18 (101 Classic Ivory)
Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki Brush with any kind of tissue paper!
Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush (also used with powder)
Loreal True Match Corrector
Sigma P84 Tapered Precision Tapered Concealer Brush
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Clear Last Makeup Setting Spray

Sigma is apparently having a 20% OFF sale with the coupon code SBAP20 from July 22-29, so if you're interested in their brushes I recommend checking them out while on the huge discount!

1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel & "Like" the video
2. Follow me on Twitter (winner will be announced ONLY on Twitter so please follow to apply!)
3. Retweet my tweet of the video with #melodeemoritagiveaway
4. Comment on the video telling me which country you are from + if you have a video request!

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit
↑ Click to see close-up photos & description of each brush! (3 Face Brushes & 4 Eye Brushes)

Fuwa Fuwa Awa Net
As it says on the packaging of the product, this is a super long-seller item! "Awa" means "foam bubbles" in Japanese, and like I mentioned in the video, it's extremely important that you wash your face with foam bubbles. For some reason I can't direct link it, but if you type "facial foaming net", it will come up as the first search result! (Thank you very much to Amy who commented below telling me that this is available on Amazon for all my other viewers! ^^) You can also find these at Japanese supermarkets in the states.


Liquid/Cream/Powder Foundations
US - REVLON 24hrs Colorstay Makeup: One of the best out there! Very long lasting and a wide selection of shades. Covers redness and evens out skintone and also works well with my brushes I used in the video.
JAPAN - Point Magic Pro Pressed Powder: I've introduced this in a video before, but it truly lives up to its name! Your pores will disappear if you lightly buff the product into the skin. However, I don't recommend using the powder puff that comes with it as it applies pretty thickly causing cakiness. Try using a dense brush instead! It's very inexpensive and great for travel.

US - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind: Great coverage. Only downside for me is that the lightest shade is way too dark so I had to mix it with something else...
JAPAN - Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer UV: Great finish. Best of all, waterproof! It's a bit drying though so only use a tiny amount to prevent flaky looking skin especially in the winter time.

Makeup Setting Spray
US - Urban Decay All Nighter: I have yet to find a good US drugstore makeup setting spray (don't really see them in stores ><), so just this one is from Sephora. If you're interested you can try the sample size first and see if it'll work for your skin! The Urban Decay All Nighter or Skindinavia are probably the best ones. Otherwise, I recommend using primers and oil-free makeup in the summer! If you go to Japan, check out their setting sprays because they have a wide selection of them that's very inexpensive and actually works. :D

Undereye Care
JAPAN - Hurry Harry Collagen Serum Bar: This one was less than $10. It's in a lipstick kind of container, and you twist the bottom part for the product to come out. It's quick and easy to use just like the eye roll essence, but it's not a liquid formula. It's a glide-on product that's very smooth and nourishes + treats the undereye area! It's more suitable for the cooler months since it's slightly thicker.

Lip Care
USBurt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter: A highly raved product that lives up to its hype. I just tend to reach for the NIVEA lip balm or new lip butter more because I don't like having a bunch of different scents on my face. (The Rimmel True Match Perfection foundation has a light watermelon candy-like scent. However, it doesn't bother me at all and goes away after a few minutes.)

Another huge favorite of mine that I highly recommend is the Sugar Lip Streatment with SPF15 available at Sephora. I have the small travel size and it seriously lasts forever! I love the scent, texture, finish, everything.<3


1. ROLL the foam bubbles on your face very gently. If you create the bubbles correctly, you'll be able to make a large amount of dense foam by using only a dime sized amount of your cleanser. Your fingers should barely touch the surface of the skin when washing. Take your time rolling the cleanser (for at least a minute). After rinsing well, splash on cold water to tighten the pores for about 30 seconds. Continue this, and your skin will literally change in 2 weeks!
See my: Japanese Skincare Routine video for more detailed tips & a full demo!

2. Once you've tightened the pores and towel-dried your face, apply your eye cream, moisturizer, and serum (plus sunscreen in the morning) within 10 seconds. I highly recommend applying as soon as possible so the products will seep into the skin and work well!

3. Do NOT try to cover everything up with foundation. That's what concealers are for. The more you pile on, the more it's going to look like a mask. Try using a very thin layer only, and use concealers for redness and dark spots. Using brushes will allow you to spread the foundation out evenly and thoroughly. It's also the best way to save product because fingers can sometimes smear the makeup, while sponges can eat up the foundation.

I hope the video and this blog post was informative and helpful to you! Good luck on the giveaway, and if you have any questions feel free to comment below on this post!<3

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July 24, 2013 4:57 PM

Trendylicious: NYC Cronuts! + New YouTube Exercise Video

リンク Trendylicious: New York's Hottest Sweets: "Cronuts"! リンク
Thumbnail image for cronuts_thumb.jpg
Have you ever heard of "Cronuts"? Well, it is the hottest, most popular sweets in New York City right now that just came out in May! New Yorkers line up from 6AM for this! One person can only buy up to two cronuts, but it sells out for the day in one hour. There's even a black market where they sell one cronut for $100! Crazy, right?! What are the secrets to the cronuts' immense popularity? Check out this trending New York sweets now!<3



Stomach & Waist Shape Up + Toning for Summer!! リンク
ウエスト引き締め 簡単エクササイズ

summershapeup2 copy.jpg

Since my last exercise video, many of you requested more including one to shape up for the summer, so this time I shared with you routines I learned during my ballet school years and pilates classes. These are simplified versions that I came up for you all so it'll be more like a fun game to do! Here are some of my tips to keep in mind:

1. BREATHE. I know it's hard to think of inhaling and exhaling duringt the exercises, but if you don't breathe, you're not going to get enough oxygen to the muscles. For the second exercise for example, make sure you breathe out slowly as you lower the legs towards the ground. Go as far down as possible without touching the tissue box, and you will feel the muscles burn like crazyyy!

2. KEEP IN MIND OF THE AREA YOU'RE WORKING ON. Since this routine is mainly to tone the stomach area, make sure you are keeping in mind and pulling to stomach up and in at all times. If you have a slouched back with no energy in your upper body, these aren't going to do anything for you. Always keep a good posture with your chin up, keep breathing, and focus on the area you want to shape up!

3. WORK TO YOUR LIMIT. Some exercises are a bit more challenging than others, but it's important that you always push a *little* bit further than the point where you are about to give up. That's what's going to REALLY make the difference! But make sure you don't do anything strenuous or harming to your body.

4. CONTINUE THE ROUTINE. Don't give up on this routine after 3 days... for a toned a healthy body, you have to work for it! I recommend doing this routine with me every day in the morning or at night before you jump in the shower. The exercise routine starts at 2:40 in the video, so favorite the YouTube link to do these super quick and easy exercises! The more you get used to doing it every day, the faster your body will change.

5. HAVE FUN! The reason why I made this video to pumping music is because I want you guys to actually enjoy doing the exercises with me. Share the video to your friends so you can do it all together, too! :)

I hope you enjoyed my exercise video & my newest Kawaii Bento episode featuring my older brother! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below or on my YouTube Channel, Facebook, or Twitter! xoxo

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July 2, 2013 11:25 AM

High-Tech Machine to Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans! + "My Natural Everyday & Summer Makeup" Video Details

リンク Trendylicious: High-Tech Machine to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans! リンク

mealitythumb.jpgHave you ever bought jeans that you thought was your size but it ended up being too baggy or tight? Jeans vary in size from brand to brand, so it can be a pain to find a perfect pair. So this Spring, the latest high-tech machine called "Me-Ality" was created. It finds you the perfect pair of jeans WITHOUT trying anything on! You don't have to go through the hassle of being in ridiculously long lines or try on numerous pairs of jeans to find your match. It's free with no reservations needed, so I went to try it out! Click HERE or the photo above to watch the video!

ジーンズは、ブランドによってサイズが全然違いますよね (><)
一瞬で見つけられる "Me-Ality"がこの春登場しました!!



As you will see in the video, Me-Ality selects jeans that are in stock at that moment, so if you are unable to find any jeans in your size, you can log-in with your free Me-Ality account and info given to shop in your correct size online. I hope this was fun to watch, and definitely try it out if you find one near you! These machines are definitely going to become more popular, so catch on the trend now. ;) There will be a lot more coming out in the near future!<3

皆さんもどこかでこの機械を見つけたら是非トライしてみてくださいね!! GOOD

Also, check out the Japanese Skincare Episode that aired yesterday! Facial cleansing is THE most important step in skincare, so check out the tips from the video and start taking them in today to achieve beautiful, glowing skin! There's a special giveaway as well ;)



My Natural Everyday Makeup, Summer Look, & How To Apply Falsies!

MelodeeNaturalMakeupTHUMB.jpgNewest YouTube video of my natural everyday makeup routine, a blue summery fresh look, and how to apply my favorite falsies! Please see the following for the products list with links I found online.<3


心 My Natural Makeup Routine
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n Wild Palette in Walking on Eggshells
Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense
Dolly Wink Waterproof Eyeliner
D.U.P Eyelashes Secret Line Girly Eyes
Cezanne Blend Cheek Powder 01, Nose Shadow Highlight
Maybelline Water Shiny Diamond 303

心 Ocean Blue Summer Makeup
KATE Real Create Eyes BU-1
Sigma E60 Brush
Hakuhodo Round & Short Liner Brush
Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense
Sigma E25 Blending Brush
Etude House Tear Drop Liner in #1 White Tear
D.U.P Deux Series Pure Eyes
MAC Pink Cult Blush
Cezanne Nose Shadow Highlight
Coco Magic Lipstick 26A
Candy Doll Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk

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June 13, 2013 12:01 PM

JAPAN DAY 2013 + All About Me!/FAQ Video

On May 12th, the 7th annual JAPAN DAY took place in Central Park in New York City!!
This event brings together people of all ages and nationalities to enjoy Japanese culture including omatsuri-like games, activities, food, music, and live performances. I attended the event with FCI reporter & musician, Alex (, where we each experienced separate activities + interviewed the performers, participants, and the people who have made such a wonderful event like this possible. As a Japanese American myself, it is truly amazing to see such an incredible number of people come together to celebrate Japanese culture in the states, and I was thrilled to be a part of it as well. Also, thank you to those who noticed & came up to me! It was wonderful speaking with you all in person.<3 
Please click the photo below to watch the full video, and enjoy! :)

5月12日、ニューヨークのセントラルパークで行われた JAPAN DAYに

リンク JAPAN DAY 2013 in New York City! リンク

JapanDay2013_Melodee.jpgMe in a Japanese yukata at JAPAN DAY! :) 
The Yukata Try On booth's staff members were extremely kind and taught me step-by-step on how to wear it. Thank you very much for such a memorable experience!

JAPAN DAYで浴衣の着付け体験おんぷ
Yukata Try Onの皆様、ありがとうございました!!


I also uploaded a NEW video, "All About Me! / FAQ" on my YouTube Channel!
I answered the most commonly asked questions of all genres by my viewers, so please come check it out if you haven't already seen it. :) It's entirely in English, but I also added full Japanese subtitles. Please enjoy until the end!<3

そして、2日前に私のYouTube Channelに新しい『All About Me! / FAQ』動画をアップしました!!

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May 14, 2013 9:21 PM
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