J-Beauty: Day to Night Transformation Makeup!

リンク  J-Beauty: Day to Night Transformation Makeup リンク
after5makethumb.jpgHave an important dinner or date you're going to after school or work?
In this week's J-beauty episode, professional makeup artist Keiko Hiramoto will teach you how to quickly transform your day makeup into a glamorous but very easy-to-achieve night look with just a few items! Click HERE to watch the full video with English subtitles! :)

ささっと出来るのに、雰囲気がガラッと変わるbeauty tricksを教えて頂きましたshineshine

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November 5, 2013 11:28 AM

J-Beauty: How-To Tips for Quick Makeup + GIVEAWAY!!


New Halloween TV Episode! (10/31)
リンク New York's Incredible Halloween Jack O' Lantern Blaze! リンク
リンク J-Beauty: How-To Tips for Quick, Polished Makeup! リンク


So, how many of you agree that it seems like we never have enough time in the morning to apply our makeup? In this episode, our J-Beauty expert and professional makeup artist Keiko Hiramoto will share great tips on how to quickly create a full face polished makeup look that makes it seem like you put a lot of time and effort into it! There will also be a GIVEAWAY to win Hiramoto-san's holy grail foundation primer/illuminator!!
Watch HERE with full English subtitles+ enter the Giveaway after watching the full video!! :)

To enter the giveaway, click the present box in the description box of the video. This time, there will be 3 winners for US residents and will close on 11/5 at 6PM (EST). Please be 21+ years or have your parents' permssion to enter. I hope you enjoy the episode!


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October 27, 2013 1:10 PM

J-Beauty: How To NATURALLY Cover Dark Circles & Dark Spots!


リンク J-Beauty: How To NATURALLY Cover Dark Circles & Dark Spots! リンク
jbeautythumb.jpgFor this week's J-Beauty episode, you will learn how to vanish dark spots and dark circles by our new J-Beauty expert, Ms. Keiko Hiramoto! She is a top makeup artist in New York who has worked with Vogue and Elle magazines as well as for brands such as Levis and Calvin Klein. I know many womens' concerns are dark circles that can make you look exhausted (and even older than your real age ><), as well as dark spots that are hard to lighten. In order to cover those areas up, many of us tend to apply thick layers which ends up looking very cakey and obvious... so you in this episode, you will get to learn amazing tips and tricks from the expert on how to get high coverage while keeping it very natural! Click HERE or the photo above to watch the full video! (English subs will be up on the video soon, but after you watch the video, you can also refer to my translations written below so it will make more sense. ^^)



Primer is extremely important because it helps to create a clean, even canvas to work with (by filling in pores, etc.). It also makes your makeup last a lot longer. Hiramoto-san recommend pearl-type primers because it reflects light, making any dull skin appear brighter and any spots/dark areas less noticeable!

We're going to use a cream concealer later, so instead of using powder, only using liquid or cream foundations to prevent creasing.

The key here is to use two or more shades! For example, if you have grey-ish dark circles (like the model in the video), apply an orange-based concealer first and then apply a yellow-based concealer close to your foundation color to even it out.

Use a *large* brush to lightly dust the powder all over starting from the center of your face and out. For smaller areas like the crevices of the nose, taper your brush by holding the bristles together with your fingers.

That's it! Just a few simple techniques, and you'll be able to say goodbye to creasing, cakey base makeup! :) Of course it's best to care for your dark circles and dark spots daily. However, for areas that are difficult to lighten, you can use these pro tips and techniques Hiramoto-san demonstrated to create glowing, dewy skin! Beautiful skin will make you feel good and more confident, so I hope you try it out! :)

hiramotokeiko_melodee.JPGThank you so much Hiramoto-san for the amazing pro tips!

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October 14, 2013 7:22 PM

J-Beauty: DIY How to Lighten Dark Circles at Home!

リンク J-Beauty: DIY How to Lighten Dark Circles at Home! リンク
One of the biggest beauty concerns for women is dark circles, including me. >< For this new J-Beauty episode, a professional Japanese beauty expert in New York will show you special DIY beauty tricks on how you can lighten up your dark circles using very inexpensive and easily accessible products you most likely already have at home! It literally only takes less than a minute to do, but over time it is said to make a great difference. Click HERE or the photo above to watch the full video and demonstration! Check out the English translations I wrote for you below as well. I hope you'll learn something new from the episode and find it helpful.<3

ドラッグストアで買えるお手頃な物を使って自宅で簡単にできる方法を教わりました!! :) 電球

The skin underneath your eyes is very thin, and it actually gets thinner as you age. Dark circles can be formed from various reasons:  congestion of blood due to exhaustion or stress, left over eye makeup darkening the area, etc. The best care you can do at home is one that any person can do... SLEEP well!

♡Beauty Trick ①: Massaging with Vaseline & Q-Tip♡
Use vaseline as a lubricant. It's only about $3 and you can find it at any drugstore so it's extremely useful!

1. Apply a warm towel on your eyes to improve blood circulation around your eyes as preparation
2. Put about a pea-sized amount of vaseline on the Q-tip and begin massaging from the inner corner of the eye outwards
3. Press the inner, middle, and outer corner (medium pressure) for about 3 seconds each.
The area should be a little about your eye socket but below your brow bone
4. Do the same beneath your eyes

Since this is a very delicate area, don't press too hard. Continue this massage about 3 times a week!

♡Beauty Trick ②: Milk Mask with Chamomile Tea Bag♡
The azulene in chamomile tea will help any swelling of the eyes!

1. Place the chamomile tea bags in milk for about 5 minutes
2. Wrap the tea bags with paper towels carefully
3. Leave them on the eyes (as demonstrated) for about 5~15 minutes.
It should also smell amazing and pleasant when you're doing it. :D

These beauty tricks are very affordable and easy to do for anyone at home, so if you have any concerns with dark circles and would like an at-home remedy, definitely try these out! I hope you enjoyed this episode.<3

リンク Fall Fashion Lookbook + Giveaway! 秋ファッション リンク

fashionthumbfinal.jpgI also uploaded my NEW YouTube video on my channel yesterday! I will be showing you three fall looks put together by me, plus an international giveaway of one of these three outfits.<3 As always, the video is entirely created by me. Enjoy! :)

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September 30, 2013 10:23 PM

J-Beauty! How To: Lighten Dark Spots with DIY Tomato Facial Mask

リンク J-Beauty! How To: Lighten Dark Spots with DIY Tomato Facial Mask リンク

testttttttt.jpgStarting this month, a new segment on FCI began called "J-Beauty" which stands for Japanese Beauty! From now on, every month there will be 2 episodes of Trendylicious & 2 episodes of J-Beauty + my Kawaii Bento episode! This new segment is all about Japanese beauty tips & tricks that anyone can easily follow and take in shared by top beauty skincare & makeup experts. A guest with a certain beauty concern will have their problem solved by the expert, and I will be the guide during the segment to share the secrets with you all! The topic for our very first episode is: How to Lighten Pigmentation, Dark Spots, and Sun Spots! using a DIY Tomato Facial Mask! What's amazing about this is that ① You know exactly what ingredients you're using so there's 100% no worries about chemicals, etc. and ② It's very inexpensive and anyone can get a hold of the ingredients easily!

HERE or the photo above to watch the full video to see exactly how to make this super easy DIY mask & learn about all the amazing effects it has!<3

今月からFCIで新コーナー、「J Beauty」がトレンディliciousと隔週で放送がスタートしました!!

りぼん How To りぼん
1. Remove the seeds and skin of the tomato
2. Use a blender to process the tomato until the consistency you see in the video
3. Mix 3 tablespoons of the tomato with 2 tablespoons of flour with a spoon
4. Use the flat side of the spoon to directly apply on the face (this way, you won't need to get your hands messy at all!)
5. Leave this on your face for about 15 minutes
6. Gently rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water, towel dry, and follow up with your regular skincare products
7. Apply this mask about 3 times a week for a positive result!

As mentioned in the video, it isn't possible to completely make a spot disappear, however, continuing this DIY mask will be able to make the spot much lighter and less noticable because the lycopene will penetrate into the skin and help with the brightening and whitening properties! However, if you are an extremely busy person and cannot make this facial mask every week, you can also cut a mini tomato in half and directly massage them on your skin. Definitely try it out and let me know of your thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed our very first episode of J-Beauty. Please look forward to a lot of skincare and makeup related episodes and I hope you'll stay tuned!<3

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September 19, 2013 4:37 PM


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